Gino Corsanini was born in 1947 at Ortonovo, near Carrara, he followed a carrer based on classical approach of the art, with great attention on the human figure, essential to understand all his works.

Endowedd with clainty humanistic education and great cleverness, without indecision, the sculptor enters the body become the place where strives and strains find expression.

This existential problems are presented as the contents of a Message and the sculptureis seen as ethic not only as aesthetics.

In his sculptoral experience, Corsanini doesn't arrive to abstractionism, his lives aren't emptied not only functional, but they are intense carriers of expressive values.

Never a work of Corsanini fades with the marble the stone or the ground, the artificier's intervention is totally creator. Transformer modifier of the reality and of the materials used by the sculptor.

Hece he gives life to original figures standout in space with security filling it with lives, torsions and soft shelters.
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